Why should I use the portal?
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What's In the Customer Support Portal For You

Executives, administrators, key operators, and end users of ECi business systems and e-commerce software can use this site to:

  • Login for secure access to support information.
  • Create new support tickets for software assistance.
  • Attach files to help troubleshooting (such as screen shots and log files.
  • View your current and past support tickets, including who was assigned to a ticket and its status (open, closed, etc.).
  • Add notes to a Web conversation, which you can use instead of email to more efficiently track communications related to a ticket.
  • Download the latest software releases at your convenience. (Not available for some ECi divisions)
  • Look up the status of software issues we've turned over to development that are linked to your support tickets. (Not available for some ECi divisions)

The portal will not replace your friendly support team; it will simply streamline ticket handling, and give you best-in-class, convenient access to support for your ECi software.